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May I See the Face of God?

“Kristy has written many times about her cat Misha. Beautiful, beautiful Siamese cat. He’s got this quiet way of walking—like a ghost, he comes very quietly.
She’ll be working at her desk, and next thing she knows, there’s Misha on the sofa right next to her. She never heard him come. Or he’ll appear when she’s in the kitchen. Suddenly there’s Misha, just to be near her. Very dignified cat, very stately. He has these piercing, penetrating, loving eyes.
One day, Kristy goes to do a spiritual exercise. She sits down, and this one question comes up that has been through her mind a couple of times before. She had always forgotten about it, but now it comes up again. It is: May I see the face of God?
So, as she’s doing the Spiritual Exercise of ECK, she dares ask the Inner Master, “May I see the face of God?” She hesitated at first but then thought Hey, go for it. Once the question came out of her mouth, she thought, Why not? She had the courage to say it, so she’d see what would happen.
So she’s sitting there real quiet, listening for anything, looking on her inner screen—looking, listening.
She hears this funny little sound. She
listens, and it’s not a sound from the inner planes. It’s some sound out here. Strange, she’s never heard that peculiar sound before. What could it be? It couldn’t be Misha. Misha walks like a ghost. She never hears Misha walking anywhere. Misha just appears.
So Kristy focuses her attention and gets rid of all those little thoughts that try to take a person’s attention away from the Third Eye—that seat of Soul back by the pineal gland in the middle of the head. She’s looking there, her eyes shut, crowding out all outside noises and distractions. But then here’s that sound again. She wonders, Shall I peek? She opens her eyes, and seated right in front of her, looking right into her eyes, is Misha.
Just looking at her—looking wise, eternal, and so full of love.
Kristy looks at Misha. She thinks, If ever there was a huge symbol of love, it’s Misha.
And what is God? God is love.
So in answer to her question, May I see the face of God? Kristy hears this little sound, and it’s Sugmad (God) and Misha in cahoots. Misha makes this little sound he’s never made before. Kristy opens her eyes, and she realizes that the love of God is all around her, as near and dear as Misha.
Kristy is laughing and laughing, because it’s like a divine joke to teach her the truth—to help her see through the illusion of where the face of God might be.
She saw the truth…It’s all around you. The Light of God is in every person.”
Harold Klemp,
The Road to Spiritual Freedom
Mahanta Transcripts Book 17, pp. 199-201

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