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A Little Hot Sauce

I write monthly discourses for those who are studying the ECK teachings and are members of Eckankar. In this discourse, or letter, I try to pass along some spiritual insight as best I can.
But it's still up to people to put their creative faculties to work and get something out of each discourse. Some people do, and some people don't.
A young mother who is an ECKist got one of these monthly discourses in the mail one day. In this particular discourse I asked people to do something purely for love without expecting anyone to say,
"Thanks a lot for what you did; I appreciate it."
This woman has a family, and she spends a lot of time cooking and cleaning, doing laundry, taking the children to the store, and all sorts of other things. She knew this was all for love. But she wondered if there wasn't something else that she could do that would be just for love─something outside her ordinary, everyday routine.
She was thinking about it one night as she was making her husband's lunch for the next day. She looked in the refrigerator. All she had was two-day- old hamburger and bread. Well, the hamburger's probably OK, but how am I going to make it taste good? Is he going to eat this? she wondered.
She decided she would put a lot of love into that two-day-old hamburger, because it needed it. Then she got a nudge from her inner side that said, "Yeah, love, and try some of that hot sauce too." After a couple of nudges she finally put on the hot sauce.
The next day when her husband came home, he said, "That was a great sandwich! What did you have in there?" Thank goodness I listened to the little nudge that said, "Put on the hot sauce," the woman thought, because the love's already there. These are small things that people do, just for love, expecting no thanks, no one to notice, no one to say, "Well, that was a good thing you just did."
Harold Klemp,
Our Spiritual Wake-Up Calls,
Mahanta Transcripts, Book 15, pp. 94-96


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