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A Spiritual Healing

A woman in Jamaica had lost her husband; he was only thirty eight. They had two children. Right after the tragedy occurred that took her husband’s life, she was wondering how was she going to support her children.
As she was trying to figure out how to make a living for her children, she discovered something very interesting. Some people were very kind and thoughtful and helped her in every way possible during this time. On the other hand, some of her acquaintances were envious and jealous and angry, and during this darkest hour they tried to take away what little she had. She wondered, What makes people like that? Why would some people try to cheat her at this time?
She looked for answers through her church, but she couldn’t get any.
One day a business client told her about HU and loaned her an ECK book. Shortly after reading the ECK book, she had a dream.
In the dream the Inner Master came to her, and he was speaking to her, trying to tell her something. But she couldn’t hear him. He could see that she couldn’t hear the spiritual words he was saying to her, so he put his hand over her heart. She had been filled with grief and fear and heartache, but when he put his hand over her heart she suddenly felt such great love, warmth, and kindness.
When she woke the next morning, it was as if some awful burden had lifted from her.
A few days later, she ran into her brother. “What happened to you?” he said.
“Why, what do you mean?”
And he said, “You look so different. You’re bright and cheerful.” It was at this point that she recognized the miracle that had happened in her life. The Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, had given her a healing in her dream, when he put his hand over her heart.
If you are looking for a sign from God, look no farther than within arm’s reach. Signs from God are all around; open your eyes to see them. May the blessings be.
Harold Klemp,
Our Spiritual Wake-Up Calls
The Mahanta Transcripts, Book 15,
pp. 42-43

“At times Divine Spirit heals directly,
at other times It leads one to the right medical doctor.
Sometimes It will assist in the healing
and treatment we are presently undergoing. We must
inwardly turn everything over to
the guidance of
this Supreme Force while making every effort to
find the most suitable medical help.”
—Harold Klemp
The Language of Soul

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